What Can I Do Regarding Lake Levels?

  This web page was reproduced from the SFLECC website.  Please visit their site for more information.

  1. BE CAREFUL! The water levels have dropped significantly, creating many hazards.
  2. Contact Federal Representatives! (See full list image below)
    1. https://www.young.senate.gov/help/help-with-a-federal-agency
    2. https://www.braun.senate.gov/contact-mike
    3. https://baird.house.gov/services/casework/help-with-a-federal-agency.htm
      1. *Reference FERC case number P-12514.
      2. *Let them know the Endangered Species Act in which US Fish & Wildlife is enforcing is resulting in…in your own words describe how it is affecting your Lake Freeman experience.
      3. *Explain your damages if you have any to your property and property value concern.
  3. We have been asked many times if Lake Shafer will be lowered soon and the short answer is no. Here is NIPSCO’s official statement, “NIPSCO’s first responsibility is the safety of the local population as well as their employees. NIPSCO is also responsible for the security and safety of the dam structures themselves and we are required to follow our FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) operating license. Lake Shafer has an upper and a lower operating level range NIPSCO has to maintain to stay in compliance with their FERC operating license. NIPSCO’s Hydro Dams operating license does not allow, nor require, NIPSCO to draw down Lake Shafer below the minimum operating level to help meet the requirements of the USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service) Technical Assistance Letter.”
  4. Support SFLECC’s appeal in Federal Court to overturn FERC’s decision to uphold US Fish & Wildlife’s mandate to drain Lake Freeman!
  5. What about mussels in Lake Freeman? US Fish & Wildlife has determined there aren’t mussels in Lake Freeman that are on the endangered species list.
  6. What is the SFLECC doing? We have spent over a half million dollars fighting this battle against the US Fish & Wildlife and are now in the Federal Court process. If you would like to contribute, we need your help! https://checkout.square.site/pay/edcd3dc7f1d74c069f7ab44c51f1bdcc
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